Custom Work

Custom Design and Repair Services   •   CAD - CAM - 3D Printing   •   Laser Repair

The JC Jewelers studio creates custom jewelry in platinum and gold.  From the first conversation to the finishing touches, we strive for transparency and excellence in our custom design services, making the process a delightful and unique experience.  Taking into account our clients’ personality, lifestyle, and individual tastes; JC designs reflect the style of the wearer and the heart and ingenuity of the creator.  

The JC Jewelers studio has produced everything from bold contemporary wedding rings to petite bands to compliment estate pieces.  The notable pieces in his portfolio include a very large, flawless diamond ring in the Art Deco style and a large gem quality  padparadschah sapphire set in a diamond encrusted ring.

Not sure if your project requires custom design services?  Our trusted vendors and team of repair specialists can often assist with projects outside the usual scope of the JC Jewelers studio. For questions about JC custom work, please contact us.